My Bio

Kate Butler is a seasoned multi-business owner who helps women entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level with clarity by growing their marketing confidence and helping them regain control to navigate the sea of stressors they face.

Being an authentically reserved person herself, Kate loves to help reserved women leverage their quiet nature to generate revenue and impact online using the tried-and-tested knowledge and techniques that have helped Kate transform.

Kate has developed an advanced and experiential understanding of how business works through living on, operating and steadily growing a farming enterprise in Australia for over 20 years. She has used this understanding along with a specialised ability to pinpoint what is and isn’t working in a business, identify opportunities, analyse risk, track results and grow, to create a blueprint for business success. Her blueprint allows women to build a business that serves them and that they love.

Having launched 2 international e-commerce brands powered by international websites that run 24/7, Kate knows how to design and execute a targeted online marketing strategy to bring in consistent leads and facilitate the process of converting leads into sales. She also knows how to turn an idea in its early stages into an in-demand business model.

Her expertise includes SEO, content marketing, website development, lead generation, sales, marketing, supply chain management and product development. She has channelled all that experience into a signature program that empowers entrepreneurs to unlock their potential through a carefully-designed roadmap that guides them towards their goal within a collaborative community that has their back.

Kate’s diverse educational background includes a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from the Swinburne University of Technology in 1992, a Graduate Diploma of Education from the University of New England in 1998, a Diploma of Agriculture and Rural Business Management in 2011 from TAFE Queensland and a degree from the Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne in 1987.

Kate has consistently added to her list of qualifications from accredited organisations throughout her career. She is a qualified Executive Performance Consultant at The Dale Carnegie Training Institute since 2018 where she supported the growth of individuals and organisations by providing coaching and development solutions. Kate is also a certified Trainer at Gateway to Training in Queensland Australia since 2011. She spent 6 years providing adult training and education on an individual and group level in finance, accounting, technology, literacy and numeracy.

Her Career Development in Adult Education qualification with TAFE Queensland in 2010, Marketing Specialist (Facebook and Messenger Marketing) qualification with Attention Grabbing Media in 2020, and Digital Marketing, SEO and UX Website Design and Development qualification with the eBusiness Institute Australia in 2021 have equipped Kate with the wisdom to help struggling business owners move the needle using cutting-edge research and contemporary digital techniques.