My Story

It was during an unexpected mixing of higher intuition and circumstances that I came across a life-changing quote. Zig Ziglar said, “We deny our talents and abilities because to acknowledge or confess them would commit us to use them.” Simple but profound. I had the permission to acknowledge what I could offer the world.

My story began in a humble county town. I was raised by entrepreneurial parents who built successful businesses. When I grew of age, I gave up a corporate career in accounting to be with my husband on a farm located 180 kilometres (110 miles) from the nearest grocery store.

Farming and raising 3 children was a unique and rewarding lifestyle but posed many challenges. In those days, before the internet or mobile phones, there were long periods of isolation. Stepping into the stereotypical role of the farmer’s wife was challenging on many levels. Then there were the farm work hazards.

My husband got electrocuted while operating the controls of a grain auger that came into contact with overhead power lines. He was rushed to the burns unit in a city 5 hours away. I had to pack up our young children, one of which was a newborn, and race down there as quickly as I could. While it was a confronting experience to face the real possibility of being on my own, it ended up being OK.

Life went on. I felt deep inside there was something more for me than just being the support person. But I couldn’t put my finger on what that was. My sense of restlessness drove me to become a teacher at a small school in an area I could drive to easily. I enjoyed engaging with children for a time. One day, as I was standing on a dry, dusty sporting field in the middle of nowhere teaching children how to high jump, I had a strange epiphany.

I couldn’t say where it came from. But I stopped and thought to myself, “WHO AM I? What am I doing here?” At that moment, I was only beginning to question my true purpose, and it created a deep curiosity and desire to discover my sense of self. On the flip side, I felt I had chosen my lifestyle and had the responsibility to embrace it as my destiny.

As my burning desire to create something for myself took over, I jumped at the world of opportunities available on the internet. I got busy learning about many things when my children went to boarding school. But I needed balance.

A sense of natural curiosity steered me towards digital marketing. I learned all about lead generation techniques, conversion strategies, sales, SEO, web development and more. My daughter and I partnered to build an Amazon FBA business and an e-commerce brand on Shopify. I learned about product development, marketing, sales, funnels and copywriting.

Then my son and I partnered in some digital agency work offering services such as web development, SEO, paid advertising, copywriting, LinkedIn marketing etc. The problem was despite gaining a lot of knowledge and experience from my farming and online business ventures, I felt like something was missing.

A bit like that day when I was on that hot, dry and dusty oval teaching children to high jump. I acquired a lot of practical skills like cash flow management, finance systems, recruitment, leveraging partnerships, marketing, time management and decision-making in the face of adversity. And I envisioned myself making more of an impactful difference in the world with those skills.

My ongoing journey of self-development over many years led me to identify and take the time to examine my self-limiting beliefs. I realised I had placed an invisible upper limit on myself because I felt like a fraud.

What finally made me confront my fears was listening to a podcast in which a business branding expert was passionately discussing how wisdom, skills and knowledge are a currency that is undervalued and underutilised.

What she said resonated with me so much that I made it my mission to find out more about her. I also came across that famous quote by Zig Ziegler at the same time. It was a green light urging me to move forward with confidence. That is when the penny dropped.

I felt a responsibility to realise my true purpose because if I didn’t, I would be letting myself down by keeping what could help people squashed inside me. I knew exactly who needed my help, and what I could do for them.
It is now an honour and a privilege to be able to use my abilities harmoniously as a Business Growth Coach to help women entrepreneurs who are swimming in a sea of stress and overwhelm grow their marketing confidence and regain control, so they can take their business to the next level with clarity and belief.

Many women entrepreneurs are exhausted and confused, as I once was. They need to cut through the noise and identify the best path towards a thriving business. So I have developed a step-by-step framework to do just that. I am on a mission to energetically empower women entrepreneurs to step back from their businesses, take a breather and identify essential gaps with my support.